What happens to my order, if it cannot be delivered by the courier and/or is return back to sender?


Last Update 4 years ago

All shipments returned to back to us are considered "undeliverable".

Reasons for undeliverable shipments include incorrect shipping address, failed delivery attempt by the courier (i.e., the recipient is unavailable), or unclaimed shipments held by the courier exceeding the holding period.

Ideally if you miss a delivery, please check tracking number on the courier website and there will be an option to have the item redelivered to you, without further cost and on a day that suits you, if the parcel is still being held by the courier and is within the holding period.

You also maybe able to select a safeplace if you won't be in, this is done at your risk.

When we receive undeliverable shipments back to us, we will notify customers via email to arrange for re-delivery.

A re-delivery fee is chargeable regardless of the original order's eligibility for free shipping. This fee is the postage charges as set out in the Delivery Information.

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